Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Porcelain Workshop


It has become apparent to me that there is a tremendous need for general and specialised instruction in the making of Porcelain in all it’s wonderful manifestations.

At the end of last year I started experimenting with different available porcelain bodies as well as making up a number of casting slips and have decided to offer a series of classes looking at exploring and working with Porcelain.

This course caters for absolute beginners and advanced students and anything that falls between these two categories. The course will be tailor-designed for each student’s individual needs.

We will also have visiting Porcelain Artists & Makers who are daily practitioners in this unique field of ceramic endeavour. Some of the people who will be visiting and sharing their knowledge with us are Katherine Glenday, Lisa Firer and Carolyn Heydenrych. Their work is featured on my gallery blog. The classes will be on a morning for three hours during the week.

Should this be of interest to you please mail me to discuss your needs and inclinations, or call (011) 726-6420.

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  1. i wish i could attend.... your images on your pots look so alike(but different) some drawings im doing, ill be posting them on the week of the exhibition.... It amazes me how we are so much the same and so very different at the same time. Arts awesome... Hope your classes are full and im sure lots of fun.