Wednesday, February 26, 2014

4 Workshops in One Day

Saturday 15 March Tshwane South College, Centurion
Sign up to participate in any two and have the chance to eavesdrop on the other two.
10.00 to 12:00 - morning workshop of your choice
12:00 to 13.00 - all break for lunch and fellowship - a light snack will be provided.
13.00 to 15.00 - afternoon workshop of your choice.

Details of the materials, tools etc. you will need for each workshop will be sent to you when you book.

These are all participating workshops and each is structured so that you can complete a piece in that time framework.

BOOK NOW – Contact Cynthia McAlpine on or 011 791 5153.
Cost R300 (members) R400 (non-members) - please note the price applies to the full day and there will be no discount if only one workshop is attended.


Saturday, February 8, 2014

Porcelain Workshop by Antoinette Badenhorst

Antoinette Badenhorst will be presenting a 5 day participating porcelain workshop at
The Pottery Studio – Bryanston.
Introduction – Sunday evening 13th July 2014,
followed by a participating
Workshop of 5 days - Monday 14th July to Friday 18th July
Aimed at medium to experienced potters, Antoinette will demonstrate her throwing, altering, turning and carving techniques using CPS porcelain. Antoinette will also demonstrate her use of press moulds to create handbuilt pots in combination with other techniques. Thereafter Antoinette will guide participants throughout the week to develop the techniques into their own individual style.
The workshop is intensive and challenging. Numbers are limited to ensure individual attention.
Price inclusive of porcelain and firing. List of other tools and materials will be sent on confirmation of booking.
Coffee & tea provided, please bring own lunch.
Cost: R3 500      50% deposit secures booking.  Balance before end of June 2014.
Artists Statement
While living in Southern Africa I became aware of the rhythm of nature. Rhythmic ripples in sand dunes and dry river beds in the semi-desert areas of Namibia, warped and gnarled trees, struggling for survival and varying stones, stacked on top of each other or scattered guilelessly by Mother Nature, was part of my everyday experience.
Mississippi with its singing Mockingbird and luscious trees exposed me to different rhythms and new nuances developed often in my work. Tornadoes, abundant water and extreme climate changes offer new opportunities for expression. 
In Chicago I had to adjust to long and harsh winters. The first snow of the season left me in awe when it brought peace and quietness over the city. Summers and winters were equally beautiful and I started to incorporate the beauty and the motion of the seasons into my works. 
I am back in Mississippi in my former studio. Gone from the hustle and bustle of the city, overlooking some fields and experiencing the quietness of small country life, brought my life in a full circle; the cycles of life.
If some elements from my experiences are apparent in my ceramic art and people can connect with those aspects of my life, I would consider myself successful.
Current Work
Translucent porcelain sculptural vessels wheel thrown and press molded, often altered and/or combined with each other. 
Small teapots; the artist pays special attention to lids, spouts and handles as if it will be functioning to hold and pour tea.
Workshop information:  Antoinette focuses on the following:
- To throw and trim porcelain to become thin and translucent
- To create press molds and use them in combination with hand building, pinching and wheel thrown techniques 
- To alter and manipulate porcelain 
- To use paper porcelain to your advantage
Background History
Antoinette is a native from South Africa, Afrikaans speaking, and currently living in Mississippi, USA. Her career as ceramic artist started in 1981 when she took basic pottery classes. 

Her teaching studio was founded in 1985 and she taught pottery to children and adults in formal and informal environments. 

After immigrating to the USA, she taught potters in workshops, demonstrations and presentations in her studio as well as in schools and colleges across the USA. She obtained permanent residency for her family because of her extraordinary ability in the field of ceramics.

Mostly self-taught, she attended shortened classes and workshops by acclaimed leaders in the ceramic profession.

During her teaching career, she wrote several articles in Afrikaans and English and had her work published in several books and magazines. She was also featured on local TV stations.

She did group and one-man shows in South Africa, United States and Japan and her award winning works are in several collections across the world.

She specialized in porcelain clay, first primitively fired and later with translucent porcelain, specifically Southern Ice.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ruthanne Tudball Workshops

Ruthanne Tudball
Internationally renowned ceramicist
Soda-glazed ceramics
Workshops in McGregor, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth & Gauteng, April/May 2014
Millstone Pottery has invited Ruthanne Tudball to present a 3-day workshop at our studio in McGregor in April. The workshop will include slide presentations, throwing demonstrations, kiln packing and soda glaze firing.   Whilst in the country, Ruthanne will also give day-long workshops in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Gauteng.**

 Ruthanne is an expert in the art of soda glazing, and has published a highly acclaimed book on the subject “Soda Glazing” published by A&C Black. Ruthanne’s ceramics are distinct in several respects. Foremost is the method she uses to create her work. “All of my work is thrown and manipulated while wet on the wheel. In an attempt to capture the softness in the finished piece, I do very little turning, and when the turning is done, it mainly happens at the soft stage. After firing and transforming the clay to stone, that softness can still be seen.” Her work is very organic and imprecise. She draws her inspiration from the natural world around her and the energy in the evolving landscape. Ruthanne’s second unique approach is in her firing technique. She uses a combination of wood and gas – uses no glazes but instead slips and the heated ash to transform her work. The careful stacking of the kiln encourages the flow of the flame and vapour through the chamber and around the pots.“Sodium vapour glazing emphasises the marks and rhythms of making, picks out every line. Spouts and lips for pouring, handles to invite lifting and balance, feet for stability and elegance – these are some aspects of looking at function and sharing with others which hold my attention when making pots. My inspiration comes mainly from the natural world around me and the energy in the evolving landscape, celebrating the rhythms and creative forces of the earth and the human body.”

 Come and learn her techniques... see Ruthanne demonstrate throwing, manipulating and assembling pieces while fresh on the wheel. She will also share a slide presentation of her techniques for creating slip-decorated stoneware vapour fired in a wood/gas kiln. To find out more about Ruthanne, visit her website:
 Take Hennie Meyer’s advice: “Everyone working with clay should attend this workshop, whether they throw or not. Ruthanne works with clay in a magical way, really understanding and working with the properties of soft clay. I think this is the workshop that people will refer to as the one they wish they had attended." The 3-day workshop will be held at Millstone Pottery in McGregor, from 26 to 28 April 2013 and will cost R3 000, including meals. You will have an opportunity to put pots into a wood-fired soda kiln during the workshop. 
The 1-day workshops, at a cost of R450 per person, will be held at:**
  • Art in the Forest, Cape Town on 23 April
  • NMMU, Port Elizabeth on 3 May
  • The Pottery Studio, Bryanston, Gauteng on 6th May

To book, or for more information, please contact:
McGregor: Nina Shand or Paul de Jongh, 023 625 1599, 072 544 2145,
Cape Town: Bianca, Almarie or Christine, 021 794 0291,
Port Elizabeth: Lisa Walker, 082 516 9220,
Gauteng:  Colleen Lemkuhl, 073 481 0889,

Monday, February 3, 2014


Lynne from DISH in Parkhust is selling 2 small top loading electric kilns, ideal for potters making small work, or as a test kiln. Lynne inherited the kilns when she bought the business and has never switched them on. They each have manual controls and a few shelves. The kilns would require some work by a kiln repair person before being in a workable condition
Kiln 1

Kiln 2

Price for each kiln – R1 500 Voetstoots!

Please contact Lynne at DISH on 011 447 1071 if you wish to buy one
stipulate whether you want Kiln 1 or Kiln 2. Kilns can be collected from:
38, 6th Street
Tel.: 011 447 1071