Saturday, February 25, 2012


6 Cubic feet POTTERY KILN For Sale                                                           
Front loader in good condition, with "Van Tuyl" Programmable Micro Process Controller, 38Amp, Single Phase and Shelves.
Internal dimensions: 640 height X 490 deep X 570 wide

Price R8,000.00

Contact Ria cell. 083 4506098 or Joop 083 996 6266

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Low-Fire Jamboree

Millstone Pottery Low-Fire Jamboree
27, 28 & 29 April 2012
A week-end celebrating low technology, low temperature firing and making techniques for ceramists, potters and other romatics. Workshops cater for all levels of skill. Beginners welcome.
This Low-Fire Jamboree includes:
· Low temperature salt firing
· Pit firing
· Raku
· Making coiled vessels
· Making whistles
        Explore re-creating experimental coiled vessels from the stone-age "Beaker" tradition with Ian Garrett, during an "archaeological reconstruction" workshop. Ian is well-known for his hand-built burnished vessels inspired by ancient ceramci techniques. These combine forms from pre-historic Eurpoe and India with more contemporary African traditions.
        Fire your own pre-made (or provided) pots in a low-tech updraft bottle kiln using wood and salt with Paul de Jongh. Paul has been making high-temperature wood-fired pots in McGregor for the past 15 years, where he has built 5 wood-fired kilns. The bottle kiln was built by Paul and Ian specifically as a workshop tool to demonstrate low temperature wood-firing.
        Raku-fire your pre-made pots (or teabowls provided), also with Paul, who raku-fires in a ceramic fibre kiln using gas.
        Pit-fire your vessels using cow dung, wood bark, dried aloe leaves and small twigs which impart various lustrous terracotta tones to the work. This workshop will be led by Stanford potter, Tracey Duivestein. Tracey has been experimenting with pit firing for many years.
        Make your own clay whistle with John Newdigate, John specialises in high-fired translucent porcelain and reduction-fired celadon glazes.
Cost: R2 000 for the workshops, inclusive of food for the 3 days

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ultra-Furn Regional Exhibition

MuseuMAfricA – Newtown, Joburg 

Opening Sun 13th May at 11:00 am
The exhibition will continue until 25th May

Selections will take place on Saturday 5th May 

Cathy Brennon Workshop

'Working with Textures & Slips’

Slide show, demonstration & participating workshop

March 17
Tshwane South College, Centurion – 09:00-16:00
Cost: Members: R250 / Non-Members: R400
A small selection of Cathy’s work will be on sale

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Notice To Members

N O T I C E  is hereby given that the 32nd ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the Association will be held at Berario Recreation Centre on 
SATURDAY, 11 FEBRUARY 2012 at 08:30 for 09:00.  

Workshop coinciding with the AGM:
The workshop presenter will be Clementina van der Walt of the Western Cape who will give a slide show and talk “To Buy or not to Buy” – the value of making and collecting studio ceramics in the 21st century.

Clementina is one of South Africa’s foremost ceramists, her innovative, distinctive work has been exhibited in South Africa, China, France, UK and Australia. She is one of the few South African potters to have been represented at SOFA in New York.
Clementina has a BA in  History of Art,  a National Diploma (Ceramics) and a National Higher Diploma (Ceramics).  She has taken part in Ceramic Art London for the past seven years and has participated in CSA Regional and National exhibitions receiving an award at the 2010 National Exhibition. In 2011 her work was selected at the Gyeonggi Biennale in Korea.
This workshop is sure to create lively debate as many contentious and important issues are presented for discussion. The talk will be accompanied by a power point presentation illustrating relevant work by local and international ceramists. The presentation will begin with a brief overview of the historical origins and development of ceramics with particular reference to South African ceramics, the role of ceramics in our society and the need for collectors to purchase ceramics in order for this great tradition to survive.

In order to make the necessary arrangements it is essential to R.S.V.P. – 
please telephone Cynthia McAlpine at  011 791 5153 by no later than 3rd February 2012.