Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ceramics Southern Africa KZN region AGM

Ceramics Southern Africa KZN region will be holding their AGM on 30th January 2010 from 10a.m. at Kearsney college

Our first workshop of the year is an illustrated talk by Professor Ian Calder, followed by a slide show of images of current British Ceramics given by Lynette Morris-Hale

'South African Studio Ceramics ‘ by Ian Calder
This talk takes us to our roots and hopefully, by understanding our roots , we can make work that is authentic. Prof Calder will be discussing 'South African studio ceramics of the 1960s and 70s'. His talk, illustrated with slides, will look at some stonewares of the 1960s by founding SA studio ceramists (such as Esias Bosch, Marietjie van der Merwe, Hyme Rabinowitz, Tim Morris, and Gordon Mbatha for example) and ask pottery questions like:
- Can the influence of Bernard Leach can be detected in our local forms, glazes and imagery? And Oriental ceramics?
- Is there any of the spirit of the Hippie era expressed in the pottery?
- Do the ceramics express any ideas about South African locality?
-Reflections on contemporary SA ceramics (Rorke's Drift Pottery , Ardmore Studio, the Nala family, Clive Sithole, Ian Garrett)

It has been said that there are more valid facts and details in works of art than there are in history books. “ All art is an individual's expression of a culture. Cultures differ, so art looks different”.Charlie Chaplin

This will be followed by Lynette showing us a wealth of images of ceramic art made by contemporary British ceramic artists . This is not a lecture but a sharing .

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