Saturday, August 8, 2015


This small kiln has served me for 30 years as a pottery kiln and glass bead annealer. It works still. I am selling it because I am downscaling my involvement in these two activities. Other than the manual calling it a Hobby Kiln,  I can’t establish what make it is, although the mechanical controller is a Euclid.

The internal  dimensions are 285mm across and 300mm deep. It has 4, six sided shelves, and small stack stilts, and 4 bungs. One of those got a bit damaged so I coated that section with aluminium foil.

It runs off domestic single phase 220V mains supply.

Years ago we had a base with castors made so it is easy to move the kiln around. I have a few firing cones and some kiln wash.

I would like R2500 for the above.
I live in Pretoria.
Contact:  Marit Greenwood –
Cell 082 413 4575

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