Friday, September 13, 2013


I recently advertised comprehensive courses out of my new studio in Rivonia, namely weekdays, Monday to Thursday 9.30 am  to 1.00 pm  for October and November, at R1,800 for the 4 weeks course.
Response from another region (KZN) has requested that I conduct the course over weekends, i.e. Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.
Additionally a couple of local Potters have also found this option to be attractive.
On consideration I would also enjoy this option, as I think it may give more cohesion and flow to the instruction.
In addition, I am able to supply accommodation on my premises for the 'Out of Towners’ if needs be.
November the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th weekend is booked already, but I do have one more place.
Hereunder is the original advert. - all the details are applicable for the weekend course as well.
Another gap has identified with weekends, in that after lunch, those who may be staying 'in residence' may wish to use a further 2 hours to 4 pm.
This would be entirely optional, at R200 for each day, and could also include locals.  A light lunch would be provided for those as well.

Kindest regards,
Drury Brandt

To launch my NEW CERAMIC STUDIO in Rivonia I am offering a series of Specialist Hand Building Courses during October and November, commencing on Monday 30th September through to, and including Thursday 28th November 2013.

Course blocks consist of classes one day a week for four weeks, from Monday to Thursday from 9.30 am to 1.00 pm.

Participants will be taken through a total exercise of clay slab preparation, making of items, decoration by various methods, both pre- and post Bisc firings and final glazing.

I will demonstrate and assist participants with my techniques and methodology, the shortcuts I have learnt whilst doing many courses and workshops I have attended both here in South Africa and overseas.

I will share my knowledge of glaze making and recipes of the glazes I use.

All work will be fired in oxidation and, time permitting, I will try to fit in some RAKU as well.

Tools and materials will be supplied but participants should bring their own specialist tools and under glazes.

Cost is R1,800.00 for the four week course, payable at registration.

Parking is secure and inside on the property.

I can be contacted by cell on 082 574 5800 and on e-mail at

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