Wednesday, June 27, 2012

MASTER CLASSES with Elsbeth Burkhalter

The time is right again to get together to celebrate the earth and the elements with a pit firing. Packing the pit, stoking the fire and discovering the unexpected the next morning is quite magical and always a wonderful group experience.
In August and September the master class is exploring saggar and pit firing.
As a preparation for the large pit firing which is scheduled for the end of September we focus first on experimenting with various kind of saggars using combinations of oxides, chlorides and various organic substances including some black firing saggars. The work needs to be small for the saggars (not bigger than 15 cm in all dimensions) while the work for the pit may be as large as 40 cm.
Suitable clays, slips and terra sigillata will be available. You will be guided as to what shapes and building techniques are suitable, instructed in the ways of burnishing and the making and application of terra sigillata and coloured slips if needed. Work can be finished at home if you need more time. Both pots and sculpture are suitable for these firings.
At this stage 4 places are still available for this class which is limited and booking is essential.
The class is held at my studio every Wednesday morning from 9.30 to 12.30 starting on the 1st of August till the 19th September. The pit firing is scheduled for the 22nd of September with the opening of the pit the next morning.
Cost: R 3 200 - all material and firings included
For booking or more information please contact me @
Home: 011 467 2524 mobile: 082 3301066

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