Thursday, July 14, 2011

Workshop at University of Johannesburg

Former curator at the Nelson Mandela Art Museum, Wendy Gers currently lectures at l’Ecole Supérieure d’Art et de Design, Valenciennes, France. She has authored various museum catalogue articles, and published in journals including Art South Africa, Ceramic Review, Stephen Welz & Sotheby's etc. She completed her MA (cum laude) on South African potteries from the 1950s and is currently undertaking her doctoral studies at the University of the Arts, London. Gers is a Research Associate at the University of Johannesburg.
Venue: FADA Building, Bunting Road Campus, Room LG 35 in morning and FADA auditorium in afternoon.
Southern African Ceramics Workshop
9pm-1am (with a tea break) Southern African Ceramics Workshop: An overview of principal Modern potteries in Southern Africa, including a consideration of the problematics associated with the integration of indigenous traditions into Modern Western media (glazed stoneware domestic and artistic pottery).
The morning commences with a review of major trends and landmarks in Southern African ceramics from the 1950s to present. This will be followed with an informal round-table, where participants (potters / ceramists / artists) will requested to bring a work for discussion, and offer their opinion on 'where to now' with respect to their own work.
1pm-2pm Lunch (light lunch -- sandwiches provided)
2pm-3pm Lecture: SA Ceramics Industry 1655-1950 - The Colonial Cringe - A Postcolonial Perspective.
This lecture will survey the establishment of the ceramics industry in South Africa, from the earliest VOC pottery to the post-war period. Why did South Africa have such difficult time establishing a ceramics industry. The industry struggled intensely against a variety of difficulties, including the flotsam and jetsam of imported British and European ceramics. The lecture will also consider other factors influencing the industry, especially a sense of psychological inferiority experienced by the young nation. As we will see, the colonial cringe endured well into postcolonial period...
Venue: FADA Building, Bunting Road Campus, Room LG 35 in morning and FADA auditorium in afternoon.
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Please note that booking for the Friday workshop is essential.
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