Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wet Firing & Obvaru Firing Workshop

Sat 29 May - 9am
@ Mogg's Pottery
39 Smartt Road, Nahoon

These are 2 firing tecniques introduced to me by Irish ceramic artist Jane Jermyn at her workshop in Port Elizabeth.
With her blessing in the spirit that potters share, we are holding a ceramic workshop for these firings.
Jane Jermyn, makes beautifully judged organic sculptural forms using her wet firing technique. The creations are put together using oxides, slip, basketry, thin pre-fired porcelain forms, organic matter and various clays, fired in a gas kiln sopping wet. Its a fast firing from the beginning to over 1 100 deg C, rendering beautiful colour, tone and texture in these sculptural forms.
Jane says that the elemental nature of clay excite her as do geological formations, strata and textures. She sees her work as a celebration of nature, through the transformation of clay by fire.
Participants will make their own sculptures as described above and they will be fired at the workshop. A demo will be done to give participants an idea of what its all about.
Jane has traveled extensively over the world demonstrating this technique and in so doing learnt other techniques including Obvaru firing, which involves dipping pre heated bisque ware into a batter recipe rendering beautifully mottled and organic results.

Participants need:
2 bisque pots (max 15cm)
Should you wish to make your own pre-fired thin irregular strip forms, make 3 from a white bodied clay (of about 5mm thick and between 10 & 20cm long).
Cost per;
Students R 10.00
Ceramic SA members R 90.00
(Please provide proof of membership)
Others R130.00
Includes costs of the gas and materials used

RSVP by Wednesday 26 May
Eloise ~ 082 756 5734

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