Friday, September 11, 2009

National Ceramics Issue 89

Read Inside:
Clive Sithole Susan Sellshop tells us about his creative career
Changing world Christine Voith explains the history of ceramics at Rorke’s Drift
Top Ceramic prices Ainsley Taylor discusses local auction prices


John Bauer and Friends A review by Joy Savage of the exhibition at Art.BINFORMATION
2009 Calendar – Regional news and information 1
Wood Fired Drum Kiln Julia Keevy takes us through the steps of building and firing this kiln
Porcupine Ceramics “Made with Fire and Passion” A look at the beautiful raku of this professional enterprise
David Walters & Friends Rika Stockenstöm reports on the WHAG exhibition influenced by the late Gabisile NKosi’s work
Teapots “The potters challenge” Gail de Klerk shows us how

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